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Roland DG Connect
Your Roland DG Printer Companion Connect

A machine monitoring app that helps you gain a detailed understanding of your entire print operation while keeping your device* running at optimum print performance to reduce downtime and improve work efficiency.


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Download, registration and connection of devices(s) to desktop application is required prior to use of mobile app. See STEP 1.

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How to get started in Roland DG Connect

Roland DG Connect Ethernet Connection Guide
Roland DG Connect USB Connection Guide
Roland DG Connect:: Connecting Roland DG Products and Customers
Roland DG Connect Subscription Plan

Choose from 3 Plans to Fit Your Business and Budget

Standard Features

Roland DG Connect App Dashboard

Device Dashboard

Monitor your device activity to become more efficient with your print production.

  • An easy-to-understand, color-coded dashboard gives an instant view of your overall device statistics
  • Quickly monitor your ink usage per cartridge and printing volume timeline
Roland DG Connect App Dashboard
Business Dashboard
Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard

Gain insights to your job profitability and costs to keep your business running in top shape.

  • Quickly calculate job costs and profits by entering the per-unit selling price and the cost for ink and media
  • Improve profitability by setting appropriate sales prices and increasing cost awareness
Monitor Multiple Printers

Monitoring Multiple Printers

Easily track the status of all your Roland DG devices in a single view to maximize productivity.

  • Check the operation of multiple printers in real-time, including job time remaining, ink and media consumption, operation rates and notifications
  • Monitor your print production to optimize efficiency and profitability
Monitor Multiple Printers
Health Check
Health Check

Health Check

Run your Roland DG device at an "A-grade" health for a more comfortable and stable operating environment that reduces downtime.

  • Monitor your print heads for manual cleaning frequency
  • View your wiper lifetime and the levels of liquid waste

Status and Updates


Get notifications and links to update your firmware with a single click. Stay up to date with the latest firmware versions for stable operation, new features, and improved productivity.

Ink Levels

Know which inks need replenishing ahead-of-time and effectively plan your ink usage and budget. With an easy, color-coded view per pigment, you can monitor ink consumption per cartridge.


Receive notifications that allow you to act quickly and ensure a smooth, seamless print operation.

Media Profiles

Instead of going to multiple places to find and download profiles for popular media, get them all in place you’re already running your print operation from – directly in Roland DG Connect.

Roland DG Connect Mobile app

Reporting and Accessibility

Job Log and Error Log

Review print production on one or more connected devices with a built-in job log. Get helpful production information such as print start/end time, feed motor errors, and job information.

Access to Docs and Guides

View your manual library with the latest documentation, guides, and help to make sure you have all the info you need to educate yourself and operate your machine at an optimum level.

Warranty Status

For added peace-of-mind and to avoid warranty issues, instantly view the status of your device warranties and expiration dates.

Tech Support Chatbot

We've built-in advanced capabilities to offer assistance in your printer operation - simply start a chat, and Roland DG Connect will provide you with solutions and recommendations, as well as links to additional resources.

Professional & Premium PlanFeatures

Roland DG Connect Advanced Dashboards
Roland DG Connect Advanced Dashboards

Advanced Dashboards

With Roland DG Connect Professional and Premium plans, your Business Dashboard views offer a wider range of analysis and insights for your business. Combine multiple devices into a single view, and choose from multiple visualizations. Track analysis by custom timeframes. Drill into details and set targets to take your print operation to the next level.

Roland DG Connect Automatic VersaWorks Settings Backup

Automatic VersaWorks Settings Backup

As the world’s most popular RIP software, VersaWorks is central to any Roland DG printer operation. That’s why it’s critical to ensure your VersaWorks 6 settings are safe and secure, especially in the event of a computer crash or system upgrade. With our Pro and Premium plans, your VersaWorks 6 print settings is backed up automatically, for easy access when you need it.

Roland DG Connect Automatic VersaWorks Settings Backup
Roland DG Connect Multiple Users
Roland DG Connect Multiple Users


If your business has multiple users or locations that need visibility of your print operation, we have you covered. This makes it possible, for example, to centrally manage information on printers at multiple locations. This information can be used to formulate operation plans, improve supplies efficiency, and monitor and schedule maintenance across locations.

The Professional plan allows for up to 3 users to access your account, while Premium allows for up to 10 users.

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Roland DG Connect App

The Roland DG Connect App for Everything Creative

Connect to your machine, production, and creative output with Roland DG Connect. As the app evolves and we add additional new features and functionality, you'll receive even greater access, allowing you to further expand your productivity and creativity.

Download Roland DG Connect App

Download the Roland DG Connect App
on Your Device

Monitor your Roland DG printer*, keep it running at optimum print performance, and take your production with you with Roland DG Connect.

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Download, registration and connection of devices(s) to desktop application is required prior to use of mobile app. See STEP 1.

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* Compatible Roland DG Devices:

  • TrueVIS LG Series, MG Series, AP-640, VG3 Series, SG3 Series, VG2 Series, SG2 Series, VF2-640, VG Series, SG Series
  • VersaUV LEC2 Series, LEC2 S-Series, LEF2 Series, LEF Series, LEC Series
  • Texart XT-640, RT-640
  • SOLJET EJ-640, XR-640
  • VersaCAMM VS-i Series, SP-i Series
  • VersaEXPRESS RF Series
  • VersaSTUDIO GS2-24
  • DGXPRESS UG Series
  • VersaOBJECT CO Series
  • VersaSTUDIO BN-20 Series, BN-20D
Some functions of Roland DG Connect are not available for some models, please check here for details.